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The Last Question

Recent floods (previous year's 26 july 2005 and the ones happening around today) evoke one to think about the fate of human race... Remember the movie "The day after tomorrow"? .. Maybe we are screwing up too much with our environment??? But then again maybe thats the way its supposed to be? The second law of thermodynamics states: "The entropy of an isolated system not at equilibrium will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum value." So one of the logical outcomes of the second law is that the human race will continue to exist as long as it manages to increase entropy of the universe at a rate greater than what it would be if it were extinct. So all the nonsense we do actually enables us to survive longer as a race... Imagine.. all the hot soupy particles of the solar system came together to form the sun and the planets (decrease in the entropy!?!) just so that we would be born - and the universe will have nice candidate to help facilitate its own

Radio/TV License

I can't believe that we were required to have a licence to own and use a Television for Receiving Broadcasts. Indian Posts and Telegraphs used to issue such licences in India. Some countries still require users to have these licences (See Wikipedia Article on Television licences )!! I found our old TV licence stashed somewhere in our house. I scanned it and put it up here. Imagine the waste of time, standing in line, to fill up forms, submit documents and getting this license - so much effort, for just being a lazy couch potato.