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What is the point of teaching history in schools?

I am not really sure what is the point of teaching history in school to young kids - is it because we want them to learn from their (and others) mistakes or are we teaching them effective ways of messing things up? Take the British policy of Divide and Conquer - we now recognize that as a tactic by the British to create disharmony in India and benefit from it at the expense of so many lives the after effects of which still leeches at Pakistan and India's soul. What do we want the kids to learn? that divide and conquer is a bad thing and must be resisted at all costs to prevent disunity or that it is really effective policy that hampers the growth of countries for multiple lifetimes?  What is the face we are presenting to the younger generation: Life is too short for regrets or is Life too long for having no regrets. - thoughts swimming in my head this morning after reading Justice Katju's case for reunification:

The purpose

You know I suspect that we will know the purpose of our existence when we are on brink of achieving the purpose. Maybe our purpose is to destroy the universe - to take entropy to its max value. Imagine a scenario of those final moments as we try helplessly to restrain the ultimate terrorist scientist from pressing the big read button. He himself realises (of course after pressing the button and watching the explosion wavefront approach him) "dammmmnn! Instead of screwing the case for everyone, i actually achieved it for all of us... Faaaaaakkkk....."


The seed of true happiness takes root only in a soil tempered by pain and difficulty. And once it does take root, it can only be nourished by one's ultimate duty towards oneself - being true to oneself.