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TFI vs. Religion vs. Amway

Basic strategy for world domination is to be a good public speaker/effective trainer/manipulator so that you can invest others in your idea and create clones of yourselves to multiply your impact. Humans are wired (genetically evolved ) to seek out groups to belong to - safety in numbers. I am a 2014 Teach For India fellow.I have tried to be objective here, but I am sure my biases against ponzi schemes and religion would have crept in (although I know that direct selling and ponzi are not the same thing) Parameter Teach For India Direct Selling (Amway, Tupperware, Oriflame) Impact parameter Reach as many children as possible Convert as many people (as customers and as representatives in the pyramid) as possible Appeals to Person's humanity Person's greed Key player Fellow Amway Business Owner Benefits Children Amway Business Owner Leadership development opportunity for key player? Yes Yes Training methodology Seniors trains junior, specialists train juniors Seniors