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Roaming vs. Local SIM for Indians visiting the Bay area

So either you get roaming activated for 10 or 30 days on your Indian phone number like so (for post paid users): Or you walk into a 7-Eleven and get prepaid SIM cards like one of these: This actually cost $53.85 Had activation instructions on it The box had multiple SIM Cards (from 2 different operators - T-mobile and AT&T) One of those would definitely suit any handset you may have. You have to pick one To sign up, you follow the instructions provided on paper attached to the SIM Card you chose

Favourite Podcasts July 2018

99% Invisible - Everything is alive Biographical interview of a can of soda - Parts can be used in a TFI Classroom Revisionist History S03E07 - Malcolm Gladwell's 12 Rules for Life Pull the Goalie! Revisionist History S03E08 - The Imaginary Crimes of Margit Hamosh and Revisionist History S03E09 - Strong Verbs, Short Sentences Mass Hysteria Revisionist History S03E10 - Analysis, Parapraxis, Elvis Freudian Slips in Elvis's songs

Podcasts for the TFI classrooms (July 2018)

Hunting the ghost fleet Author: Reveal Category: Investigative Journalism Notes: Talks about over fishing in oceans off coasts of South American Countries, and bonded laborers onboard fishing vessels. Simple language, non pop culture references, hard hitting Listening Comprehension Levels : Easy enough for Indian teenage students studying in 8/9/10 grade English medium schools. No American pop culture references. Values and driving questions: Can relate to Sustainable living. Would you eat an animal which is on the brink of extinction? Access and Exposure: Human Rights The Red Line Author:  NPR Embedded Category: Book Review / Politics Notes: Why didn't USA intervene in Syria Listening Comprehension Levels:  Well read adults, too esoteric for students. But can be used for guided listening for 9th/10th graders Values and driving questions: Does a powerful country have the right to interfere in issues of another country undergoing civil war? Should they? Acc