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Favourite Podcasts April & May 2021

My favourite podcasts episodes these last two months talk about the experiences of muslims growing up in India over the past 50 years, experiences of researchers trying to model Covid-19 in India, cultural phenomenon that is "banter", a simple idea on how to curb climate change for cheap, a SPAC posing as a Deli, the story of the guy who claims to have invented a hot version of a popular processed food, using social media and crowd funding for reparations, Brood 10 Periodical Cicadas, experiences of employees working in Amazon Warehouses and the fascinating story of the discovery of a live saving  immunosuppressant drug .   Radiolab The Dirty Drug and the Ice Cream Tub 21 May 2021 ( listen ) Brown Box 14 May 2021 ( listen ) StarTalk Cosmic Queries – Cicada Invasion! With Jessica Ware 26 April 2021 ( listen ) NPR Planet Money DIY Reparations 5 May 2021 ( listen ) Hot Cheetos 12 May 2021 ( listen ) The $100 Million Deli 28 April 2021 ( listen ) TED Talks Daily How we can curb c

Favourite Podcasts February 2021

My favourite podcasts episodes this month talk about our attitudes of the host nation's citizens towards refugees, learning new things throughout life, invention of syndication on television etc. The Audio Long Read The ungrateful refugee: ‘We have no debt to repay’  1 Feb 2021 ( listen | read ) The joys of being an absolute beginner ... for life 29 Jan 2021 ( listen | read ) NPR Planet Money How Desi Invented Television 22 Jan 2021 ( listen )