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"Evolution" Manual update required.

Mutation and Natural Selection facilitate Evolution. Sex accelerates it. Death implements it stepwise. Consider any species in their wild habitat. A male mates with another female, has sex, produces an offspring.  Mutation  causes offspring to be physically strong and better suited to the environment.  Natural Selection  allows it to outlive other individuals of the same species. As the offspring spawns, mating with multiple individuals of the opposite  sex , it passes on the favored genes to its children. The good gene spreads through the whole population only when other individuals WITHOUT that gene have  died  out - i.e. died naturally, killed by predator/competitor, accident, calamity etc. Consider the modern day human population. We have outgrown evolution. We have become too populous for evolution to take its natural course. So many people are born with so many beneficial mutations. (Richard Dawkins on how the eye evolved ) But for these genes to spread, t