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Zip Zap Zoom & Poke

Screaming through the air, tearing through the ether, they blast through everything in their path -  almost everything. If they fail to achieve what they were born for, more are sent from whence they came. Sometimes flying free, Sometimes scrambling through guided channels, reincarnating repeatedly, changing form, jumping worlds. They arrive at their destination. A few pixels re modulate in the top right corner of your screen. "You were poked by Anurag Chugh poke back | remove poke"

Removing Coal Tar/Asphalt from shoes

Asphalt and Coal Tar are two distinct substance which are used construction of tarmac roads. Asphalt is used as a binder and coal tar is used as a sealant . And so if you are wearing new shoes (whose soles haven't had yet got coated with fine dust particles and hence become desensitized to sticky substances) and step on an area which has just been resurfaced, you are sure to get this dangerously sticky mixture of asphalt and tar and crushed rock aggregates embedded in crevices of your shoes' tread pattern. Of course newly laid roads are required to be dusted with certain powder to make them not stick to tires and shoes.. but being India... sigh! Anyway, so I got them shits stuck to my shoes .. what was I supposed to do? A cobbler outside my office (and google search: team-bhp ), told me that it was possible to remove the guck from my shoes using kerosene... but again, being India, its difficult to get your hands on any kerosene if you aren't classified as being