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"This is quite abrupt" she thought She hadn't expected to do this amongst strangers She always imagined doing it with the love of her life She was not alone now, yet she longed for someone.. ..someone not amongst the faces in the crowd around her She let go of the cords that held her in place Defeating even gravity, as she floated freely Ticking off another item in her TODO list even at such a serious moment Everyone around her was crying, like sheep bleating But she was calm and relaxed She blitzkrieged through the 37 chapters of her story It was a nice story, maybe her namesake would pen it down someday The lights went out, she didn't care There were two fluorescent nexuses lit up like fairies She was swinging and swirling now, The two fairies wound around her, wrapping her in a double helix The fairies - they closing in, She remembered the feeling and the logo of the place she used to work at. But this was different, she felt warmth - not tra


Concentric circles of water bubbles in an Induction Cooker  (Reminds me of that experiment to trace out the magnetic lines of force using iron filings )