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Driving and Religion

Remember the time when you got yourself enrolled at a driving school. You had already ridden in a car many many times before but never drove it. You had observed how to grown ups had been drivings, what issues they faced - traffic jams, breakdowns, accidents and most importantly scuffles (verbal/non-verbal) with other drivers - some of which went almost out of control. Different groups - different syles of driving, different outlooks towards fellow drivers and different ways of dealing with on road issues. But now you yourself are at the wheel. You are apprehensive of the instructor at first - you wonder if he is any good? Do you really need him in the first place? Maybe your elder brother could teach me better! You set aside your apprehensions and begin focussing on what he has begun saying "Adjust your seat, you rear view mirror etc etc... ". You follow like a robot, like a wannabe star student. A day or 2 into the course and you have already learned how to op