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Favourite Podcasts July 2018

99% Invisible - Everything is alive Biographical interview of a can of soda - Parts can be used in a TFI Classroom Revisionist History S03E07 - Malcolm Gladwell's 12 Rules for Life Pull the Goalie! Revisionist History S03E08 - The Imaginary Crimes of Margit Hamosh and Revisionist History S03E09 - Strong Verbs, Short Sentences Mass Hysteria Revisionist History S03E10 - Analysis, Parapraxis, Elvis Freudian Slips in Elvis's songs

Podcasts for the TFI classrooms (July 2018)

Hunting the ghost fleet Author: Reveal Category: Investigative Journalism Notes: Talks about over fishing in oceans off coasts of South American Countries, and bonded laborers onboard fishing vessels. Simple language, non pop culture references, hard hitting Listening Comprehension Levels : Easy enough for Indian teenage students studying in 8/9/10 grade English medium schools. No American pop culture references. Values and driving questions: Can relate to Sustainable living. Would you eat an animal which is on the brink of extinction? Access and Exposure: Human Rights The Red Line Author:  NPR Embedded Category: Book Review / Politics Notes: Why didn't USA intervene in Syria Listening Comprehension Levels:  Well read adults, too esoteric for students. But can be used for guided listening for 9th/10th graders Values and driving questions: Does a powerful country have the right to interfere in issues of another country undergoing civil war? Should they? Acc