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Misappropriation of scientific words by spiritualists

I have spoken about this before , and am speaking about it yet again. Next person who starts ranting about spirituality and uses the word "energy" - which has a very precise scientific definition - to explain some "spiritual" concept is so gonna get it from me. All you spiritualists, please invent your own words and stop misappropriating scientific words in your discourses on spirituality. Its seriously irritating. I am going to start taking revenge and at the same time expose how this misuse of scientific words seem to scientists/engineers. I will start using "spirit" as an alias for "faeces". And our day to day communications would be like: "I have diarrhoea flowing all over my legs, let me go cleanse my spirits" or "I haven't had a good spiritual movement today" or "My baby's spirits are smelly and mottled, she must be sick" or "I have constipation, my spirits refuse to come out" I am so