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nanhe munhe bache pechan kaun!!

This picture was taken on 22nd January 2006 which was Elecrama 2006 Day 5 . The MUSN team went to watch a stupid hollywood movie "Just like heaven" at Inorbit mall malad. This hollywood movie turned out to be worse than a stupid bollywood movie.... The restroom featured above is the one inside the multiplex at Inorbit mall. This picture was taken on 27th March 2006. The location is Juhu Circle... The circle has been broken now and traffic lights have been put up; but people still call it Juhu Circle. Pleople who are new to Mumbai get confused with this... they keep asking where is the circle. Even more confusing fact about it is that it was maintained by Lokhandwala Builders, so some used to call it Lokhandwala Circle (there was a big signage "Maintained by Lokhandwala Builders" on it. This lead to total confusion as there is an another circle just outside "Swami Samarth Nagar" which is popularly known as Lokhandwala. So just to avoid the confusion, the M