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Sometimes we ought to STOP and smell the roses (or exhaust in this case) Stop Signal Art - Mumbai Autorickshaws

Chin up bar

I bought a chin-up bar today. Idea is to regain the muscle mass that I think I have lost due to excessive computer use. This rod cost me 650 rupees. There were two cup like discs which had to be fixed facing each other on the door frame. Each had 3 screws to hold it in place. The rubber edges of the rods would sit it these cups. The rod comes with an L key which goes into the hole at one end of the rod. The rod to fixed into place by using this key to rotate the inner cylinder which telescopes out there by increasing the effective length of the rod slowly with each twist. The rubber ends compress against the cups which had been previously been fixed in the door frame. As it is with most things in life, if u tighten something too much, it break - observe the rubber end which buckled under pressure. I think the rod is still safe to use.

Girls are mad, and boys are dumb

Girl thinking: "I don't think its gonna workout between us, he doesn't care about what I want!" Boy thinking: "Isse kya ho gaya hai?" Girl thinking: "He never thinks about our future together...." Boy thinking: "What is she thinking? Lagta hai maine kuch galat kiya hai..." Girl thinking: "Bolta tha palkon pe bitha ke rakhunga, yahan mitti ke dher pe lake khada karke bada khush ho raha hai jaise pata nahin mujhe koi hill station pe le aaya ho!" Boy thinking: "Lagta hai use kuch cheez chahiye thi, she was expecting me to understand it without her saying it..." Girl thinking: "Isko samajh nahin aata ki mujhe ek cell phone ki zaroorat hai, itne saste ho gaye hain aaj kal, price list dekho! fir bhi janab ko paise bachane ki padhi hai, post office bonds me daal diye is mahine ki salary" Boy thinking: "Hmmm.. lemme trace what we did till now, we got up in the morning, I got an SMS th

Stuff under a 30x Microscope

Bedsheet Fabric FT232RL on an Arduino Duemilanov e Pyjama fabric SMD Resistor and LED on an Arduino Duemilanov e Hair on the back side of my palm Logo Engraving on a Canon Scanner LCD Monitor Pixels If these photos fascinate you, then do check our these photos taken by a Scanning Electron Microscope which have been published in the book  Microcosmos: Discovering the World Through Microscopic Images from 20 X to Over 22 Million X Magnification by Brandon Broll ( Amazon link ) While you are at it, you may also like:  Would dew believe it: The stunning pictures of sleeping insects covered in water droplets