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How I know I am a good person?

They say that you must visit your dentist at least once a year. So I do. Less for getting them cleaned and scaled in the places I wasn't able to reach; but more for the compliments that I get from the pretty doc about how nice my teeth are and how well I have kept them. And so I continue my annual visits to my dentist. Even if I don't have a problem. Its just plain old Preventive Maintenance .  On the same lines, docs at the Radiology department of Kokilaben  are beginning to get accustomed to see me every 2-3 years - for a renalscan. I was born with a single kidney which is in perfect health - and I would like it to stay that way. SO I visit the docs even when I have no complaints - a fact that amuses many of them here in India - A doc I visited regarding advice for running long distances actually asked me "Agar koi problem nahin hai toh kyun aaye ho?" No I am not a hypocondriac . I have a doc friend (who also has a webcomic ) to whom I transfer my worries over