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A Cross sectional epoch of life in the Empire of the Sun

He is the ultimate creator. Ultimate enough for this story. He didn’t create the universe, nor did he come up with the laws that govern it – the very laws that facilitated his existence and of those above him. Like a functionary in a huge hierarchy, he sits smug in his end of the galaxy with his progeny (and their progeny) , moving around him - worshipping him. His eight major sons and daughter (nine if you count the one who was banished recently) respect his superiority – after all they owe their existence to him. Like all families, one of the siblings is the favourite and most pampered of them all – The third one from her father. She has been endowed with a gift of organic life by her father. “Earth” is what her own progeny calls her.  Her elder brother Jupiter is quite fond of her and protects her from the millons of their other siblings who - from time to time - in an envious rage hurl themselves towards her.  The Earth is a proud parent of millions of species of life.  She carri