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Growing Mustard Micro-greens Indoors - Light vs. No Light

We recently got some nice grow lights. To measure the effectiveness of these lights, we decided to do simple experiment. We grew some mustard microgreens in the shade and some under these lights. The results, although obvious, were nevertheless fascinating. Gardening Exp #001 Title: Growing Mustard Micro-greens Indoors - Light vs. No Light Aim: To observe the different in growth between two samples of mustard micro-greens grown indoors - one with overhead LED grow light and one without. Expectation: The ones with LED Grow light turned on will fare better - how better and in what way is to be seen Setup Location: Wakad, Pune, India Seeds: Locally available Black Mustard Seeds ( राई ) Sowing Date:  2020-06-07 1730 +0530 IST, Sunday Harvest Date:  2020-06-13 2030 +0530 IST, Saturday (6 days later) Season:  Beginning of monsoon Weather: In the evening at around 1900 hrs, the temperature used to be around 28