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Growing Mustard Micro-greens Indoors - Light vs. No Light

Gardening Exp #001Title: Growing Mustard Micro-greens Indoors - Light vs. No Light Aim: To observe the different in growth between two samples of mustard micro-greens grown indoors - one with overhead LED grow light and one without. Expectation: The ones with LED Grow light turned on will fare better - how better and in what way is to be seen SetupLocation: Wakad, Pune, IndiaSeeds: Locally available Black Mustard Seeds ( राई )Sowing Date: 2020-06-07 1730 +0530 IST, SundayHarvest Date: 2020-06-13 2030 +0530 IST, Saturday (6 days later) Season: Beginning of monsoonWeather: In the evening at around 1900 hrs, the temperature used to be around 28 °C and Humidity at 70% Number of seeds: 1 Teaspoon full in each planterPlacement and Illumination: Placed on 2 shelve unit located a few meters from nearest window inside the house Top Shelf: A set of another 3 planters without any grow light Bottom Shelf: A set of 3 planters with LED grow light …