Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Injection wala pen!!

Whenever I visit Anupam stationery (a store near andheri station), I end up being "taken aback" (in a good way) by all the new novelty products that they keep adding to their collection. The latest ones that I picked up were ball pens which looked like syringes!!

My friends - Deeksha and her sister Vidya - are doctors and it seemed befitting that they write their prescriptions with such pens!! So I gifted them these :P
Deeksha draws comics which she has titled "Perpetually Taken Aback Person" which she hosts online here: http://www.p-taps.com/

Bell curve

The bell curve is an inevitability in all aspects of life. Expect to be near the center in most aspects & at fag-ends/top-cream in few.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stupid Packaging

A question for Garnier: What were you thinking when you made the packaging for the following two products so very very identical? Its been so irritating the past few couple of times when I bought one thinking it was the other. Mental really!!

I have thick skin. I need an "abrasive" scrubbing face wash. And I totally hate it when I end up buying the feebly liquid only face wash... ughhh!!

Whose idea was this packaging anyway? I seriously want to slap that person - not for coming up with this idea; everyone makes mistakes, but for letting the packaging continue for SO MANY FUCKING MONTHS!!!

Garnier PureActive
Blackheads uprooting scrub

(This is what I WANT)

Garnier PureActive
Pore unclogging wash

(This is what I end up Buying!)

Friday, August 3, 2012

My original jokes from the past week

  1. So either you are on the board of directors.. or you are bored of directors.
  2. Windows mutex implementation has a function: WaitForSingleObject(). I guess, subconsciously, the code you are working on ends up mimicking your current state in real life...