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TFI Pune 's Mid Year 2014 retreat at Ahmedabad

Thoughts by the various Dreamers/Innovators/Creators that we met: On inspiration "Inspiration has a shelf life of only one week" - Kiran Bir Sethi (Director, Riverside School ) On hard work and perseverance Be consistent, day in and day out - kids are very receptive and would appreciate seeing you there in the class every morning no matter how the day ended the evening before. "You can't live on the legacy of what you did yesterday" - Dev Tayde (formerly of Indicorps) On finding "your Why" If you are doing what you love, there won't be any burn out because doing what you are doing is no longer optional - you have no choice. - Dev Tayde (formerly of Indicorps) Most of us know our "why" we just struggle to convert our thoughts to action - that is what requires courage. - Dev Tayde (formerly of Indicorps) On intentions "Do right by your children, not what may be right by you" - Kiran Bir Sethi (Director,  River