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A Cross sectional epoch of life in the Empire of the Sun

He is the ultimate creator. Ultimate enough for this story. He didn’t create the universe, nor did he come up with the laws that govern it – the very laws that facilitated his existence and of those above him. Like a functionary in a huge hierarchy, he sits smug in his end of the galaxy with his progeny (and their progeny) , moving around him - worshipping him.
His eight major sons and daughter (nine if you count the one who was banished recently) respect his superiority – after all they owe their existence to him. Like all families, one of the siblings is the favourite and most pampered of them all – The third one from her father. She has been endowed with a gift of organic life by her father. “Earth” is what her own progeny calls her.  Her elder brother Jupiter is quite fond of her and protects her from the millons of their other siblings who - from time to time - in an envious rage hurl themselves towards her. 
The Earth is a proud parent of millions of species of life.  She carries …

Restaurant near the beach

Once there was a restaurant called 'signature',
which received patrons of the highest stature.
Of the good food we were soon bereft,
The restaurant closed down and we were like "What the eff?"

'Shatranj Napoli' was the name of the successor,
Which received negative reviews from all connoisseurs.
The service was bad, and the food did suck,
And the only time we went there, we were like "What the *uck?"

Today there is a new joint thats come up there ova,
Invoking hopes and expectations from everyone in versova.
Let's see if the new one can rise above the muck
After all its been done up and aptly name "WTF?"

Mango Adventure

Live in Mumbai for all your life - you need not have been born there, but you should have grown up there.As you grow up, your needs will increase, but don't worry about it, coz your family will prosper as well.Shift to a bigger house in a new building, coz your parents decide that you and your siblings now need a seperate room each.Wait for 3-4 years. Mumbai monsoon will wreck havoc on your building - paint will start pealing off and dust/dirt will accumulate in and around the various crevices on the facade of your building.Highspeed winds and pigeons will deposit plant seeds in this dirt and rain water will cause them to hatch into saplings (Figures 1a, 1b, 1c & 1d).Figure 1aFigure 1bFigure 1cFigure 1d
In other cases a kid will hide from his mom (or an old mom will hid from her grown up kid who has kids of his own) and without paying heeds to her words, would have just a "last, chota saa, iske baad aur nahin" sweet sweet mango. And then all evidence of the puerile pl…

Fun times with DVG!

Here's a list of projects I have collaborated on with Prof. Dhananjay V. Gadre (In chronological order):

AVR Workshop at VESIT
(1 to 5 September 2005, VESIT, Mumbai)
Helped organize/manage. Report and photos here.

Multi Utility Sensor Network
(December 2005 to March 2006, VESIT, Mumbai)
During the AVR workshop DVG suggested us to clone the audience poll voting pad from the "Who wants to be a millionaire?" TV game show using a wired multi-drop network. It was also our final project at VESIT. Project synopsis:
Designed and successfully implemented a wired sensor network capable of sensing and controlling physical parameters involved in any kind of process control. The project involved connecting Atmel’s AVR Microcontrollers over the RS485 bus in a multi-drop configuration. The microcontrollers were programmed in embedded C and the front-end was created using Java. The project was selected to be displayed in the Student’s Pavilion at Elecrama 2006 held in Mumbai by IEEMA. Elecrama…

Stuff under 100x Microscope

Here are some common materials as seen through an Illuminated Microscope (60x-100x) bought from RadioShack

Piece of Fabric

Printed Pape (Magazine / CMYK)

Bhusawal ka chor

Bhusawal se chada tha woh train mein
choori ke irade se
ek archan aa gayi uske plan mein
khopdi mein bheje ki kami se

He was about to take off with the lady's bag
But was noticed by the husband of the old hag
The lady was being critical about our generation
And now she was being punished for her baseless accusations

Soon the TC and RPF were called
And so began a verbal brawl
The youth began reciting his well reharsed story
And secretly one of us wished the scene would turn gory

Ladke ne fekna chalu kiya lambi lambi
Dene hindi ka exam koi
ja raha tha woh mumbai

TC aur RPF use le gaye
auntyji ka purse toh khojne pe bhi mila nahin
itne excitement se toh bhai hum thak gaye
so kar hoosh kab khoya pata nahin

A few minutes later
There was some further chatter
The lady's bag was located
And her happiness was reinstated

.. a poem about a foiled robbery incident onboard our train as we returned home from Jabalpur inaccurately narrated by me in hinglish.

Versova Post Office

Cost of couriering some documents from Mumbai to Shanghai:
DHL: Rs. 2150
IndiaPost EMS (also known as SpeedPost) : Rs. 469

And yet most of us end up going for the first option (i.e. Private Shippers) instead of our government's own courier service. Most of us have an impression that visit to government offices is full of hassles - that even a small thing such as posting a letter would take lots of physical and mental energy - not to mention the bribes and forms and getting sent from desk to desk.

Well the truth is totally different altogether. There are proper procedures for getting any work done at a government office. Everything is well documented - only thing is that either most information is not available online or if it is, then its outdated/not organized properly. And since we don't know where else to get that information, we inevitably try to ease our lives by paying agents or avoiding government services altogether.

So being a good citizen, I would like share all that I le…

Fun times at L & T EmSyS with friends

Here is a tribute to our friendship and the moments we spent at EmSyS, Powai. The tribute is in a story form titled: "agar hamari moms friends hoti and if we were all born on the same day.."

once there were 6 ladies, they were best friends : AM, KM, JM, SM, HM, DM

They were childhood friends fir sab bade ho gaye aur unki shaadi ho gayi and guess what? they were all expecting us on and around the same day...
Sab pregnant the and sab apne apne ghar pe baithe rehte the.. they used to talk to each other on fone whenever they had mood swings.. pregnancy mein hota hai na..
Ek din (very near their delivery date), they were talking on the fone.. cordless .. conference call sab ke sab 6 log.. it was 10 pm at night, thats when KM said "i think my water just broke and I am going into labour". So she kept the fone down called her husband and they went to the Kokila ben hospital. The other 5 ladies thought: "well what the hell, lets us all get admitted together at t…

Praying on a soldering iron!

These pictures were taken on 2004 July 24 at VESIT during preparations for Robocon 2004.
The pictures were taken using a sad camera (actually it was a logitech webcam capable of taking pictures). The Praying Mantis came in from the open widows along with lots of other insects. This was during the rainy season. Soldering iron's warmth might have attracted it..

Deeksha ne banaya ... mera South Park avatar!

Thanku Deeksha!

AVRISPwith a blown up AT90S8535

Q: What happens when an exposed Vcc pin of a target system (with an AVRISP connected to it) accidentally brushes against a +12V DC battery terminal?

A: The AT90S8535 (inside the AVRISP) blows its lid off - literally. The pictures below say it all. (Happened during Robocon days at VESIT)

For a photograph of a silicon chip inside an AVR (A90S1200) with its various regions marked, look here.


Makers dont need a resume,
Makers have a collection of stories
Stories of Adventures
Stories of their Love for things, people and places...
... stories that never end but fade on to other stores
and this collection of chronological stories forms their lifestory.

I like my lifestory so far.
I like the stories of my friends. Our stories are intertwined. And I am proud to be in the same story with them!

Haji Ali

Concrete Jungle mein wires ka Jhamela


Auntyji & Uncleji in the park.

And the gate of the park they were in..

Like an Oasis in the middle of a Concrete Jungle

Watchman having a siesta at a joggers park next to our apartment building