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marna padega sabko..

let them die.. let us all die.. i will die.. die die die consider reproduction: asexual: one mother creates two daughter.. two line.. if one line has better mutation , it survives and the other line dies..(but mutations are rare..) consider if both lines have two different mutations.. both beneficial for survival... then both lineages will survive but then the good genes would never mix.. because no sex.. so this aint so good.. and since very little genetic diversity, any abrupt change in environment can wipe out the entire population.. so not good for evolution sexual: requires two different kinds of individuals with differently developed organs, time is required for courting/mating etc etc.. basically cumbersome because of time required and the chance factor.. (what are the chances of finding the rght mate(read falling in love) at a given place? - you will eventually find one, but the point is that it takes time.. so population grows slowly) so in old days one male with good genes m