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Being really good at what you do

Its summer and the sun can really be bright and when it reflects on and off the uneven surface of the road in the mornings and evenings, it overstimulates the photo receptors intermittently. This causes discomfort to your eyes as they have to repeatedly adjust to the changing brightness resulting in increased response time which can be fatal at high speed especially on expressways. So the other day I bought a pair of sunglasses. The shopkeeper seemed helpful but in retrospect I think he was only being convincing to make a sale. I already wear spectacles of around -1.5 D in each eye. Both cylindrical. So I asked him to use powered lens for the sunglasses. And so I started using the glasses and acquired a smug look on my face. Two days ago, a gang of six rowdy guys all in their 20s in a speeding auto-rickshaw tried to overtake me from the wrong side as I was slowly making a left turn at a signal. Their auto hit the front of my car and the left side of the front bumper came off. The