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Doubt pe doubt, Parag doubt

How do you woo someone? Offer them lift to office everyday? That would be so unhealthy. Won't you rather instead walk with her to office everyday. Do part of her office work for her? And then cry about it all your life if you do end up with her! So being "caring" doesn't cut it. Friends are caring, family is caring. Caring is just a temporary band aid. A single instance of difficulty soothed by a superficial act. Of course being funny helps. The girl finding you funny usually mean that you share some past intellectual interests. But soon you will run out of stories to tell her and she will get fucking bored of you. Unless, you have an endless supply of stories. So what is this this business of "finding your soul mate"? Must be something to do with completing each others sentences and deriving pleasure from doing the same things in similar ways - "Oh! once a month on a weekend we go on this log drive, bust into some elderly couple's home

Getting Vibram FiveFingers in India

Here is how to get Vibram FiveFingers in India: Requirements: A friend in USA or elsewhere abroad. 6000 INR in your account and an international credit card. 2 to 6 Months of patience. So one of the obvious most inexpensive ways (i.e. saving shipping charges and custom duty) of getting stuff from abroad is to get one of your friends/relative to buy it there (or you can order it online and get it sent to their residence) and then get it for you in their luggage when they come visit India. But if their India visit is not scheduled in the near future, there is an alternative method you can use. Here is what I did to get my Vibram FiveFingers: Wait one of the American festival days around which discounts are offered on a few selected items only. I ordered Men's Bikila  around Labor's day at 40% discount (at 54 USD instead of the usual 90 USD). Get the item shipped to your friend's place in USA/Canada using your international credit card. I got it shippe