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tareekh pe tareekh

A day is but a single frame in the film reel of your life. Last day pe play hogi movie tumhare life ki. And you will be the only audience. Let it leave a smile on your face when you take in your last breath. One chance, one take. Make it worthwhile :)

abe! sanskar?

Amit Varma's Article To Hell With Family Values  reminds me of a thought I ones had about KKK soap operas on Indian Television. Mom discovers medical report which her daughter was hiding from her. Just then daughter  enters the alishaan house. Mom is in designer saree. Daughter in bechari salwaar kameez. Mom confronts her daughter, saps her and shouts, "kahan se muh kaala kar ke aayi hai". Daughter bursts into tears. Mom faces the camera "hey bhagwan kya humne aise sanskaar diye is ladki ko ki aaj hamari naak katwa di!" I always used to wonder "abe sanskaar diye bhi they kya?" Khud ke koi sanskar nahin ho toh woh apne bacchon ko kya dega? I think we all need to think before having kids. Of course I am totally unqualified (yet!) to speak on the subject but I think people should spend 1-2 years retraining themselves and modifying their own personality, cultivating discipline into their own lives to prepare themselves to become good parents before they

Different kinds of scholars.

Been having this thought for quite some time. People who have PhD and those who heal people have the same title conferred to them. Seems a bit unfair to me. Besides it creates unnecessary confusion among the general public (Remember Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.). Khushwant Singh puts it in better words in the last week's edition of his column "With malice towards one and all" which appeared in Hindustan Times: Professor RC Sobti, Vice Chancellor of Panjab University and Registrar A K Bhandari came all the way from Chandigarh to confer an honourary doctorate on me. Though overwhelmed with gratitude, I feel I must confess my shortcomings as a scholar. I went through school and colleges in Delhi, Lahore and London barely able to pass examinations I had to take. Having such a poor academic record, having four doctorates conferred on me is hard to believe. My motive in writing about it is not a devious way to indulge in self-praise, but to draw the attention to the m

This is me

Take me. Take me as I am... .. with my acne (comedones) ... ... with my uncleared ear wax and hairy tragus ... ..with my many blemishes...  .. and a million other imperfections. Take me. Take me with my Canon 550D 18 megapixel DSLR. I will show you how imperfect you are, and yet love you perfectly.

The engines that I work on

Saturday has just fallen off the cliff. Sunday has entered the scene and is now trying its best to put up a good stunt.  No matter how hard it tries to climb the jagged rock wall, 24 hrs later it too shall meet the same fate and fall and end up back in the line behind the 6 other contenders. One hour into the show, Sunday's act was proving to be boring. So I drifted, thinking of the previous one's performance. This Saturday was different. It was my first working weekend at my third job. Reflecting back on the day, I realised, I had solved three major issues at work. Three issues which had cascaded to result in an irritable bug on the Head Unit of our in car entertainment system - the master microcontroller wasn't able to talk properly to the radio tuner chip. Integrated Circuits and the computers made of them can be made to talk in many different ways, not unlike the numerous human languages. The language of the day was I2C or Inter-Integrated Circuit. This one was inve

yeh kya bakwas likh daala?

demag ki dahi mein daalo excitement ka masala, masti karo jee bhar ke, warna nahin hai guzara! chote se bacche ne dekho hai kya kar daala, haanste haanste uske papa ka muh hi dho daala! engineer ne dekho kaisa code hai likh daala, chalta walta kuch nahin, client ka paisa khoti kar daala! dekho dekho Nek Chand ne collect kiya hai kabada, dekhtay hi dekhtay usne Rock Garden hi bana daala! tumne hamari zindagi ko aisa hai sawara, ki ab gali gali ghoomte hai hum, kutte sa awara!