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Being Bad?

"Why be good?" Draupadi asks We have two choices : be good or be bad. Some times badness increases in burst mode (world war, mahabharata..), only to be overcome by goodness again so that humanity survives again - and has a chance to be bad again. Thats probably because our activities increase the entropy of our universe. When we are bad, the entropy generated is even more during that time, but we can't keep at being bad for long lengths of time because we might destroy ourselves... There is an inner voice which keeps most of us inclined to being good for most of the time. Its an evolutionary response I guess, because if it weren't so, we wouldnt trust each other. Shopkeepers won't sell stuff to people, we wouldn't give our money to the banks or banks wouldn't loan us money. People worry about too much corruption and evilness in this world. But maybe its a bit overrated. There are so many self correcting mechanisms in this world. If any one thing inc

Take a Left, Take a right or standstill?

Reading Page 119 of "The Difficulty of Being Good" by Gurcharan Das: Perform necessary action; it is more powerful than inaction; without action you even fail to sustain your own body. In other words, do not renounce the world and become a hermit. Instead, learn to change your attitude while living and working in the world. Reminds me of two things.. 1) Dead people people on Miranda who stopped living because of the side effects of the chemical gas released in the ventilation system in Serenity 2) South Park - Spontaneous Combustion.. the episode in which people start blowing up because they dont fart. Moral: We must fart to sustain our lives.. you have two options.. go fart in the bathroom or in front of your girlfriend, but dont choose not to fart. prrrrrp!!