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Bhusawal ka chor

Bhusawal se chada tha woh train mein choori ke irade se ek archan aa gayi uske plan mein khopdi mein bheje ki kami se He was about to take off with the lady's bag But was noticed by the husband of the old hag The lady was being critical about our generation And now she was being punished for her baseless accusations Soon the TC and RPF were called And so began a verbal brawl The youth began reciting his well reharsed story And secretly one of us wished the scene would turn gory Ladke ne fekna chalu kiya lambi lambi Dene hindi ka exam koi ja raha tha woh mumbai TC aur RPF use le gaye auntyji ka purse toh khojne pe bhi mila nahin itne excitement se toh bhai hum thak gaye so kar hoosh kab khoya pata nahin A few minutes later There was some further chatter The lady's bag was located And her happiness was reinstated .. a poem about a foiled robbery incident onboard our train as we returned home from Jabalpur inaccurately narrated by me in hinglish.