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The Genesis and Metamorphosis

Diary Entry for Saturday, 25 February, 2006        Many people write books. Many people read books. Any kind of books. Authors spend time thinking and re thinking everything that goes into it. They take utmost care into what goes into it. They think 10 times before putting down a single sentence. Hence there is always something artificial about books. The thought process has been adapted to be very lucid for the reader to follow. But what if we write about the birth of an idea from its inception (when it takes birth in a human mind), and follow it as it matures in the mind of the same human.        I endeavor to do that here. It might not be just one idea. It might be many ideas. You can call this a diary entry. If you ask me why I didn’t blog this out? Well I just don’t care that’s why. Its just a piece of document, which I felt would be a nice way to record all the emotions that my heart and mind experienced as I make this journey thru life. I am not going to care about grammar here