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Miss Sunshine

Best memory of last sunday's half marathon: There was this uphill road with tall and nice apartment buildings on either side. 6 pairs of parallel overhead power lines going across. Lots of crows sitting on them. Their pattern was random and chaotic but against the backdrop of the rising sun, it was a breathtaking site. Few meters before we saw that scene, when we had just turned on to this road, there were no wires to block the sun as it rays fell on her face. As she ran besides me, I looked at the sun and then sideways at her face and for a moment I wondered if it was the sun that shone on her or was it the other way round. As I held my breath for that moment, I knew a precious lifelong memory had taken birth.


I am an obssessive compulsive collector. A collector of firsts. A collector of emotions. A collector of moments. A collector of moments of first encounters of each emotion. My brain has limited memory. But emotions left to experience are still infinitely many. Living the stories to tell my grandchildren, When I become old and zany.