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हे भगवन !

Everyone has some concept of God which they believe in. Those who don't believe in it are actually those who simply disagree towards the use of the word "God" for the set of principles which they turn to for guiding them thru life. I have a set of principles too. My concept of God might be very different from what many people believe in, but it is surely very much compatible with theirs. After spending lots of time looking at people and probing my inner self and reading books and stuff, i have finally been able to put into words some of the things i believe in. I believe that the entity "God" has four (or more) functions for those who believe in it/him/her. I think people are a bit confused about the various implications of the word "God". They mix up these four (or more) different things that the word might imply and hence i think thats the basis for all this war and turmoil between people of different religions who interpret the four (or more) functi

Another ADSL Splitter..

bought in delhi.. number of components in adsl splitters are reaching an all time low.. does no one care about following any standards... .. and even after checking multiple shops, this was the best splitter i could get my hands on..

what reminds me of

what reminds me of the author of the blog " After the Masquerades...... " ?? When someone mis-spells "check" as "chek" ... ... like the subject of the first mail i received from this person (on Friday, July 14, 2000 2:10 PM): "chek out the attatchment" So after 8 years... you can see all the crap that collects in a persons' mind over time... remembering simple random stupid stuff... being reminded of close friends every now and then... because of those certain "special triggers" you create when you walked closer together earlier in life.... so i was reminded of this person when some recently sent me a message with the subject: "schematic for cheking" PS. the attachement in the original mail was:

2000 3000

2000 AD : Mom to kid : beta cycle chalane ja rahe ho?.. building complex ke bahar mat jaana 3000 AD : Mom to kid " beta spaceship chalane ja rahe ho?.. solar system ke bahar mat jaana


In old days, people who used to work on engines were called engineers, now-a-days anything which engineers work on are called engines! just made that up... seems somewhat ironically similar to "cutting down trees and naming streets after them"

A Nother Question.. old one!

I have been wondering about this too long now... been too lazy about not looking it up earlier.. or might have looked it up and forgotten about it... so now i finally commit it to blog.. Why does it feel like you are dissipating energy (or in physical terms... power is being used up.. or work is being done continuously) when you have lifted up and are holding and object, because then ideally, physically speaking, the work done by our body on the object is ZERO.. here are the hits from google which answer that question. Incidentally, it also also explains why some peoples hand seem to shiver when they are lifting some heavy unevenly shaped object or doing some delicate work... ..because their muscle cells are kind of contracting and expanding continuously to hold the object in place... work: Holding something up HyperPhysics:Work

Did I waste my years at school/college?

..because i cant even answer a simple question like.. "is it ok to drink water during a meal?" of course its a debatable question... Discussion with DVG led us to two point... 1) water might dilute the acid in our stomach and hence since the pH value is now increase, the reaction might not fully complete... (like as if that matter, the food wont stay stuck in the stomach if it wasnt digest.. it will probably move out, you will just have to eat more to gain the same amount of nutrients!) 2) water might form a nice soupy mixture in the stomach and hence cause further atomization of the food , hence increase the surface are for reaction to occur... but then the acid ions would probably waste time hitting water molecules... anyway... looks like i picked a wrong question to assume i had wasted my years... here are some google hits for the above doubt... looks like there is a big debate on it... people say drinking water doesnt affect digestion, but there are people who still dont

Blood transfusion and DNA

So with all the esoinophilia causing much ache and lethargy, i was free to let my thoughts wander .. since those were the only things which could get to wander... couldnt get of the bed or couch for long, so no chance of letting the body itself wander... so back to wandering.. (and wandering led me to think of blogging..) I was thinking.. having donated blood 4 times, what would happen if some one was to accept a transfusion of someone else's blood.. would that person live on forever with two (or more) different types of blood cells? because both the blood cells will have different DNA and they will obviously replicate.. and hence both.. the original and donor's DNA maybe present in the blood stream of the patients.. Or maybe since the patient has more of his own Blood Cells of his own DNA, they would probably replicate more and much faster and the blood cells of the other DNA might get phased out.. Anyway, before i could wander further on that one, google led me to