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What's that?

Son: Hey dad what's that those people are drinking? Is it making them go mad? they are laughing so much! Dad: Those drinks they are having have alcohol in them. Alcohol makes people act crazy. Actually it makes them feel as if they are kids again. Like you are now. As people grow up, they forget how to be kids - the playfulness, the innocence, no worries - all that. So they drink alcohol to feel like that again. Son: How come you and mom never drink that stuff? Is it dangerous? What will happen if I drink some? Will I start feeling like a baby? Dad: Wow! (Smiling) See you are so curious, all these questions. Maybe as adults we also lose our ability to question question question - those that don't lose that ability, go on to become scientists, and go on to discover great things! do you want to be a scientist when you grow up? Son: Yes!! Dad: haha. So the reason your mom and I don't drink is that we haven't forgotten how to be kids Son: Huh? Dad: (tickles h