Monday, December 28, 2009


Cult of the dead frog!

"Cult of the Dead Frog!"
Thats what i am going to call our new upcoming hackerspace!!
(actually lets stick to "ukhadnewale unlimited")
Found this poor guys body near my office.. just a few secs and he would have saved himself.. got run over by a skoda

Toothpaste Sex!

Actually this seems so gay! (both tubes are same, same gender!)
Mr. "Gillette After Shave" Uncle is the pervert voyeur next door.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Being Bad?

"Why be good?" Draupadi asks

We have two choices : be good or be bad.
Some times badness increases in burst mode (world war, mahabharata..), only to be overcome by goodness again so that humanity survives again - and has a chance to be bad again. Thats probably because our activities increase the entropy of our universe. When we are bad, the entropy generated is even more during that time, but we can't keep at being bad for long lengths of time because we might destroy ourselves...

There is an inner voice which keeps most of us inclined to being good for most of the time. Its an evolutionary response I guess, because if it weren't so, we wouldnt trust each other. Shopkeepers won't sell stuff to people, we wouldn't give our money to the banks or banks wouldn't loan us money.

People worry about too much corruption and evilness in this world. But maybe its a bit overrated. There are so many self correcting mechanisms in this world. If any one thing increases too much, the world, like an organism responds by automatically adapting the other parameters so as to cause the decline of that one surging thing. Economic booms and recessions are a part of this mechanism driven by peoples greeds and fears alone : sometimes greed overcomes fears and at other times vice versa.

So if everyone went about being bad, they will sooner or later realise that they might actually die if they don't start being good to each other and trusting each other.....

Mahatma Gandhi said "You must be the change you wish to see in the world"
Maybe thats a simple interpretation of the self correcting mechanism.
Why should I treat someone in a way other than how I would want him/her treating me?

People are good only when presented against the backdrop of bad ones.
What use is goodness if there is no badness for it to conquer.

Consider the Output Variable for a simple control loop to be the "current amount of badness in the world"
The control system is configured to decrease the badness - not to zero (because then the control loop wouldn't be needed at all and everyone would be good to each other and hence life would be boring) but to some lower constant level which ensures our survival till some universal law deems the event of our extinction more useful than our continued prosperity. In the feedback lie the good people. People switch from the forward loop to the feedback loop all the time - sometimes being good, sometimes being bad.

What part of the loop do you belong to at the moment?
Dont worry if you are good or bad - we all have our part to play.

Sounds fatalist? Yes
My friends would even say that what I just said are actually against my own beliefs too - I believe that we have the power to control our own destiny and we are ourselves responsible for our own actions.

But look at it this way: My quest of being more and more like Roark carries meaning only because there are others who strive to be like Keating, Gail, Toohey, Dominique or Cathrine.

Maybe we all give meaning to each other's life. "you are, therefore i am"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Take a Left, Take a right or standstill?

Reading Page 119 of "The Difficulty of Being Good" by Gurcharan Das:

Perform necessary action;
it is more powerful than inaction;
without action you even fail
to sustain your own body.

In other words, do not renounce the world and become a hermit. Instead, learn to change your attitude while living and working in the world.

Reminds me of two things..
1) Dead people people on Miranda who stopped living because of the side effects of the chemical gas released in the ventilation system in Serenity
2) South Park - Spontaneous Combustion.. the episode in which people start blowing up because they dont fart.

Moral: We must fart to sustain our lives.. you have two options.. go fart in the bathroom or in front of your girlfriend, but dont choose not to fart. prrrrrp!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Play here: fishy.swf

Sunday, May 3, 2009


so here are a few collection of Anu-gags.. all of 'em courtesy deeksha arunachalam.. except for where specified

Q: What do u call anurag when he's stuck in a marshy place?
A: Anu-bog

Q: I got a new one... What do u call anurag when he's all old n wrinkled n doesnt use botox?
A: Anu-sag. .. Ha ha ha. Cyrus the virus.

Q: What do u call anurag after he gets dressed fully?
A: anu- garb.

Q: Got it! What do u call anurag when he's obsessing about sex?
A: anu-shag. Shag in brit means to have sex n not khud khushi.

Q: Anu and frog?
A: Anufrog (this one was by amruta)

Q: What do you call Anu when he is busy playing stupid fish games? (google fishy.swf)
A: Anu-rawas

Random:Yaaaay! I knew it. U maybe unpredictable but are quite dependable. Anu-wah-wag :-)

Another Random: Anu-virus. Wait, i'll draw ur diagram...

Q: What do u call anurag when he shows off?
A: Anu-brag

Q: What do u call anurag when he visits the Czech capital?
A: Anu-prague

Q: What do you call a mad anurag?
A: anu-the-rage (Kunal Zope used to call me that .. even before Deeksha invented it)

Q: What do call anurag when he suddenly dresses up like a woman?
A: anu-drag

Q: What do u say when anurag sells his latest idea and then becomes a millionaire overnight?
A: an anu-rags to riches story.

Q: What you call anurag after he has done some stupidity?
A: Oh-no-rag (this was my own i think)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

marna padega sabko..

let them die.. let us all die.. i will die..
die die die

consider reproduction:

asexual: one mother creates two daughter.. two line.. if one line has better mutation , it survives and the other line dies..(but mutations are rare..)
consider if both lines have two different mutations.. both beneficial for survival... then both lineages will survive but then the good genes would never mix.. because no sex.. so this aint so good.. and since very little genetic diversity, any abrupt change in environment can wipe out the entire population.. so not good for evolution

sexual: requires two different kinds of individuals with differently developed organs, time is required for courting/mating etc etc.. basically cumbersome because of time required and the chance factor.. (what are the chances of finding the rght mate(read falling in love) at a given place? - you will eventually find one, but the point is that it takes time.. so population grows slowly)

so in old days one male with good genes mates with a female with good genes and produces child(ren). these original parents with one good gene each are allowed to mate with other males and females to produce more and more kids (we were originally promiscuous .. and still are subconsciously - brave new world) one of these kids has the best genes.. so he/she lives longer (ie is brave so isnt killed in some acccident or can resist disease better) .. so for this new good mutation to be passed one, one requires that this one guy have many children and he should pass on his gene to them. Then these children mate with others of the population and then the new population all have these genes. This means that others who do not have this gene must die out..(unlike in asexual reproduction, parents divide into two children, so no one dies) .. hence this also means, each of the "selected" guys parent must die out eventually because each of them have only one good gene..

so death is important for sexual reproduction to be beneficial.. good genes only propogate when others without that gene die out.. hahah

so in olden days of monkeying around, death was easy - climate change, accident because of falling from trees, fights etc etc...

now a days, we are civilized... we try to save even those who have birth defects (unprivileged ones with bad genes) .. we condem them and their parents to a sad/pathetic life... this aint what nature wanted..

in olden times a handicapped born child (blind, deaf, lame) would easily fall prey to so many possible death and hence would be weeded out by nature itself...

but now, we want to conquer nature... instead of euthanizing the disabled at birth, we want to let them survive because its morally "incorrect"... balls to morals..

morals (result of male ego?) prevent you from being promiscuous ... which isnt good because if you and your 1 or kids (all from same spouse) die... your whole lineage is gone... maybe you had a good gene.. so now its gone... bad for humans..

and besides, its taboo to have more than 2 kids...
and even if you have 5 kids.. all other millions of humans on this earth have to die for them to keep surviving into the future with all their good genes...

so now we have like in this world of 6.6 billion people, tens of thousands of isolated lines of good gene lineages which rarely interact with each other (good gene may interact with bad gene lines to become extinct or with normal gened people to continue.. chances of two good gene people interacting with each other is less)..

so now with so many good genes we have in our population, none of them would be able to proliferate all thru the human population because for that two happen, millions of death should occur fast.. like a catastrophe....

so maybe some one will now really blast a couple of nuclear weapons.. atleast then the humans would be reduced to a managable number and then they would leave their morals aside and males and females will have a huge orge and fuck each other and then atleast 4-5 of those thousands of genes would proliferate thru all of humans and then atleast then humans would come out better... we can then have more mass extinctions again and again to ensure good genes prolifrate thru the populations (i know its random wiping of humans, and some good gene lineages would die out, but then better that then prventing any good genes from prolifrating )

so mass extinctions are required.. maybe a comet with hit earth soon...

maybe religion was a safe guard for humans so that morals dont prevent mankind from killing most part of itself... otherwise how would natural selection proceed

maybe this is the function of ego (another reason for war and hence mass extinction) at a macro level...

so we need to find a way to artificially perform genetic therapy (replace bad genes with good genes or simple introduce good genes) into full adult humans..
in case we arent able to do it in the near future, someone will have to kill most of us all soon enough... because that might be the right thing to do...

anyone needs a idea?... target the slums... kill'em all, but before that survey the slum populations and take out the people with best genetic codes (they will - in all that shit and filth - surely have males and females who are able to resist disease much better than any of us...) and keep them save along with the most beautiful (and most intelligent ) men and women of the would

then after the apocalypse, you can force them to interbreed... to product nice good humans.... reminds me of that bond movie - moonraker

there has to be a better way to do it without destroying the planet...

in anycase, i guess i am a waste... i dont mind if i am killed for such a cause...