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The ultimate question of life, the uni...

Somewhere around 10th grade we all enter this big examination hall. And get handed this blank sheet of paper with a single line printed on the top: Do as directed: Discover yourself. Write an essay on it. ..and we spent the rest of our life trying to hit the moving target that makes "us" us - ever closing in but never quite there. Supplements get acquired, pages get filled up... Some finish up fast, pack up and leave. Some fill-up the pages with multi-colored inks, highlighting the rungs that mattered most. Some staple onto the pages, souvenirs from their lives - coasters, used bandages, train tickets, the razor blade with which they cut themselves. Yet others keep filling up pages after pages and yet feel as if they haven't written anything of substance. Some end their essay with a one line summary like "To my friends: my work is done. Why wait?" As the exam progresses, all kinds of patterns emerge. The ugliness of the rat race (who will come up

Petri dish for new songs to grow on

Some songs need growing on you before you can like them and snuggle up to them. Imagine a new bud growing out of your brain, expanding it, in a new direction. The new music is like a new Sun with a new power spectrum shifted in frequency away from all the other Suns you have been exposed to already. You have to grow a new bud, and let the DNA of the cells in this new bud mutate, so that it can invent and synthesize a new chlorophyll like molecule to absorb the nourishment that this new Sun has to offer.  Here is a song that required some getting used to, before I got addicted to it. And here is another song that simultaneously simulated the power spectrums of many different Suns I had already known and then some; I got drawn to it immediately:

A freak like me, just needs infinity!

A comment I wrote up for Pragya's  which ended up being a blog post on its own!: Before I say anything - and I have a damn! lot to say on the topic at hand - a quick jump to your poem " Perfection " and back, it had been quite sometime since I last read it :) First up are our dearies Einstein and Newton. Newton (standing on earth) said that the apple falls in a straight line towards the earth. Einstein imagined himself to rise up above "outside" the earth and saw that the apply was not actually moving in a straight line, it was moving along a curved line but sinde space-time itself was curved by the earth's gravity, so it appears straight. Newton stepped back and saw "the apple" fall to the ground. Einstein stepped back even further and saw the apple and the earth together in the frame. Similarly Maxwell unified electricity with magnetism - he up with those 4 equations with "ulta del

Biology Questions

In this blog post, I am going to collect links which shed light on various biology questions that have crossed my mind. Does a blood transfusion change your DNA? Answer: No, because "red" blood cells don't have DNA I think cells in our body are Eukaryotes  (cells which contain complex structures enclosed within membranes) but since red blood cell don't contain DNA, could they be  Prokaryotes (cells which lack a cell nucleus (karyon), or any other membrane-bound organelles.) ? Answer:  Every single cell inside our body is eukaryotic. Red blood cells lose their nucleus during maturation.