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Turtle Wax ClearVue and Indian Monsoons

The other day we drove over the Mumbai-Pune Expressway with rain coming at us with full force! But with our windscreen polished with Turtle Wax Clear Vue Rain Repellent , we didn't even need to use the wipers! I am not really sure where to get a bottle of these in India, but I keep looking and trying out all kinds of rain repellents I can get my hands on locally. For reference, here is a list/survey of similar products. I tried Rain X which is is available in Pune, but it was totally useless! Here is a video of Turtle Wax ClearVue Rain Repellent in action!! Oh the Awesomeness!! Been meaning to shoot such a video for 3 years now. Finally got to do it, thanks to that special someone with whom I shared the journey!