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Switch switch switch

the wall socket connected to the ...extension board and extension board connected to the.... monitor.... and then there are switches!! theres one on the wall, theres one on the extension board and then theres one on the monitor... (the switch on the monitor is a simple microswitch which turns on the high voltage section via a bigger (more power handling capacity!) solid state switch - DP904C (POWER IC PWM Samsung Power Switch )) So whats the big deal about the switches??... yeah , yeah you have heard many people tell you that they are the most under respected components.. and they are the most important... but simply said.. they have LIFE!... Or in more technical words, "Mean Time Between Failure" ... The datasheets (the technical documents provided by the guys who make 'em) specify these numbers in number of cycles... ie they specify the number of time you can switch them on and off before they fail... of course these numbers are just a rough estimates... and the