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TFI Pune 's Mid Year 2014 retreat at Ahmedabad

Thoughts by the various Dreamers/Innovators/Creators that we met:
On inspiration"Inspiration has a shelf life of only one week"
- Kiran Bir Sethi (Director, Riverside School)On hard work and perseveranceBe consistent, day in and day out - kids are very receptive and would appreciate seeing you there in the class every morning no matter how the day ended the evening before."You can't live on the legacy of what you did yesterday"
- Dev Tayde (formerly of Indicorps)On finding "your Why"If you are doing what you love, there won't be any burn out because doing what you are doing is no longer optional - you have no choice.
- Dev Tayde (formerly of Indicorps)Most of us know our "why" we just struggle to convert our thoughts to action - that is what requires courage.
- Dev Tayde (formerly of Indicorps)On intentions"Do right by your children, not what may be right by you"
- Kiran Bir Sethi (Director, Riverside School) while talking about how…

Cognitive Dissonance for 7th Graders

Here is the content from a presentation on cognitive dissonance that I delivered in my class of 7th graders

Cognitive Dissonance - What makes me sad?

What makes me sad?
अज्ञान (ignorance)
अभाव (absence)
अन्याय (injustice)
अफसोस (regret)
असमंजस (dilemma) What is the reason for irresolution or dilemma?

Answer: Cognitive Dissonance.
Meaning of the words

the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.

lack of harmony among musical notes.

In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values. The conflict:
Roma knows that smoking causes cancer.
She still smokes because she enjoys it.

…what will Roma do?
The conflict:
Neeta loves Raj
But Raj does not love Neeta

…what will Neeta do? Leon Festinger&…

Value Education for Secondary Grade Students

Collection of content resources for use during value education sessions for secondary grader. I used these in my 7th grade class.

What makes me sad?अज्ञान (ignorance)अभाव (absence)अन्याय (injustice)अफसोस (regret)असमंजस (dilemma - maybe due to Cognitive Dissonance - refer presentation here)What stops me from hurting anyone?Lack of ReasonConscience/EmpathySurveillancePunishmentGrowth, Care, Nurture and Love
Philosophy outlined in M Scott Peck - The Road Less Traveled Growth - when a person gains new skills and knowledge and becomes better as compared to what s/he was yesterdayCare - When someone makes provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.Nurture - When someone facilitates the growth of another person.Love - Nurturing someone even when it comes at a cost to the nurturer.Kissanpur - Real Joy Of Togetherness - TVCBelief versus FaithAlan Watts on the Difference Between Belief and FaithDo Scientists Pray? Einstein Answers …

Turtle Wax ClearVue and Indian Monsoons

The other day we drove over the Mumbai-Pune Expressway with rain coming at us with full force! But with our windscreen polished with Turtle Wax Clear Vue Rain Repellent, we didn't even need to use the wipers! I am not really sure where to get a bottle of these in India, but I keep looking and trying out all kinds of rain repellents I can get my hands on locally. For reference, here is a list/survey of similar products. I tried Rain X which is is available in Pune, but it was totally useless!
Here is a video of Turtle Wax ClearVue Rain Repellent in action!! Oh the Awesomeness!! Been meaning to shoot such a video for 3 years now. Finally got to do it, thanks to that special someone with whom I shared the journey!

Teach for India Videos

What's that?

Son: Hey dad what's that those people are drinking? Is it making them go mad? they are laughing so much!

Dad: Those drinks they are having have alcohol in them. Alcohol makes people act crazy. Actually it makes them feel as if they are kids again. Like you are now. As people grow up, they forget how to be kids - the playfulness, the innocence, no worries - all that. So they drink alcohol to feel like that again.

Son: How come you and mom never drink that stuff? Is it dangerous? What will happen if I drink some? Will I start feeling like a baby?

Dad: Wow! (Smiling) See you are so curious, all these questions. Maybe as adults we also lose our ability to question question question - those that don't lose that ability, go on to become scientists, and go on to discover great things! do you want to be a scientist when you grow up?

Son: Yes!!

Dad: haha. So the reason your mom and I don't drink is that we haven't forgotten how to be kids

Son: Huh?

Dad: (tickles his kiddo)