Sunday, May 3, 2009


so here are a few collection of Anu-gags.. all of 'em courtesy deeksha arunachalam.. except for where specified

Q: What do u call anurag when he's stuck in a marshy place?
A: Anu-bog

Q: I got a new one... What do u call anurag when he's all old n wrinkled n doesnt use botox?
A: Anu-sag. .. Ha ha ha. Cyrus the virus.

Q: What do u call anurag after he gets dressed fully?
A: anu- garb.

Q: Got it! What do u call anurag when he's obsessing about sex?
A: anu-shag. Shag in brit means to have sex n not khud khushi.

Q: Anu and frog?
A: Anufrog (this one was by amruta)

Q: What do you call Anu when he is busy playing stupid fish games? (google fishy.swf)
A: Anu-rawas

Random:Yaaaay! I knew it. U maybe unpredictable but are quite dependable. Anu-wah-wag :-)

Another Random: Anu-virus. Wait, i'll draw ur diagram...

Q: What do u call anurag when he shows off?
A: Anu-brag

Q: What do u call anurag when he visits the Czech capital?
A: Anu-prague

Q: What do you call a mad anurag?
A: anu-the-rage (Kunal Zope used to call me that .. even before Deeksha invented it)

Q: What do call anurag when he suddenly dresses up like a woman?
A: anu-drag

Q: What do u say when anurag sells his latest idea and then becomes a millionaire overnight?
A: an anu-rags to riches story.

Q: What you call anurag after he has done some stupidity?
A: Oh-no-rag (this was my own i think)

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deeksha arunachalam said...

i refuse to take credit for some of the gags where u havent mentioned my name too....