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Fun times at L & T EmSyS with friends

Here is a tribute to our friendship and the moments we spent at EmSyS, Powai. The tribute is in a story form titled: "agar hamari moms friends hoti and if we were all born on the same day.."

once there were 6 ladies, they were best friends : AM, KM, JM, SM, HM, DM

They were childhood friends fir sab bade ho gaye aur unki shaadi ho gayi and guess what? they were all expecting us on and around the same day...
Sab pregnant the and sab apne apne ghar pe baithe rehte the.. they used to talk to each other on fone whenever they had mood swings.. pregnancy mein hota hai na..
Ek din (very near their delivery date), they were talking on the fone.. cordless .. conference call sab ke sab 6 log.. it was 10 pm at night, thats when KM said "i think my water just broke and I am going into labour". So she kept the fone down called her husband and they went to the Kokila ben hospital. The other 5 ladies thought: "well what the hell, lets us all get admitted together at the same hospital, KM ki baari aa gayi toh hamari baari bhi aane wali hogi!"

So they all reached the hospital and they asked the hospital staff to admit them into the same huge hall... so all 6 of them had their beds in the same room... so KM was already in labour when the other 5 ladies entered the hall, the doctor their looked at the clock and said "its taking a long time, its already 11:59 PM, lagta hai aapka baccha ab kal pesh hoga!" and the moment he said that, the clock struck 12:00am and a baby boy popped out and lo and behold he was named "KALPESH" and then there was joy and happiness and tears and 5 other ladies huddled around KM and Kalpesh.

Two hours passed and their was no action, KM decided to stay on till the other 5 of her best friends delivered, she thought out loud "we are so lucky to have are kids born on the same day!". Well another hour passed and the ladies were getting anxious/impatient.. next kiska aayega... so to pass the time they ordered tea. The nurse bought them tea but then everyone knows, pregnant ladies get super hungry, so AM asked for Rusk/marie biscuts along with the chai and the nurse obliged. Thats when it happened, DM had just dipped a biscut in her Tea when her chance came. After lots of pushing and heaving, out came a girl! and she was named "DEEPTI" (actually nurse vernacular medium school se thi so DIPTEA ki jagah DEEPTI likh diya).

So they were all now sitting together and looking at the two earlybirds.. "so cute! so cute!" is all one could hear. And all that excitement got KALPESH and DEEPTI excited too, they laughed and laughed and laughed... and chote bacchon ko toh kuch bladder control nahin hota toh, aise cute jaisa itna hasenge toh susu bahar aa jaayega hi na.. toh dono ne susu kar diya.. floor pe gir gaya sab. Toh nurse aayi saaf karne with a mop. Mop chota sa tha, so she couldnt clean the whole thing up so AM said "hey nurse I think you need A NEW RAG to clean the whole thing up"... jaise hi AM ne woh bola tab woh labour mein chale gayi and few minutes later out came a boy and they named him "ANURAG". They didnt want a "W" in his name so they changed NEW to NU.

And so now 50% process complete ho gaya tha.. three kids were remaining!
A few minutes later, SM went into labour.. her labour lasted the longest, her kid was the fattest na! thats why! bahut bahut der ke baad ek moti se cute si girl was born. SM was relived and so were the rest 5. The nurse took the girl and bathed her. While she was away the six of them were fighting what to name the girl.. zoor zoor se naam chilla rahe the .. they were so excited that maybe SM and her kid would be awarded the LIMCA book of records ka record for the heavyiest baby and during that lound discussion/commotion, the nurse entered with the latest baby and was asking them "bacchi ka naam kya rakhna hai" . Sab log itna chilla rahe the excitement mein (and ANURAG<>