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Restaurant near the beach

Once there was a restaurant called 'signature',
which received patrons of the highest stature.
Of the good food we were soon bereft,
The restaurant closed down and we were like "What the eff?"

'Shatranj Napoli' was the name of the successor,
Which received negative reviews from all connoisseurs.
The service was bad, and the food did suck,
And the only time we went there, we were like "What the *uck?"

Today there is a new joint thats come up there ova,
Invoking hopes and expectations from everyone in versova.
Let's see if the new one can rise above the muck
After all its been done up and aptly name "WTF?"


and what caught us off guard,
was when they didnt accept our credit card.
'turn out your pockets',said nirbhay kothari,
and all the waiter could manage was a weak 'i'm sorry'.
so out came the change and out came the cash,
ah well, sighed we - alteast the food didnt taste like trash!