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Ungrateful Queen's stubborn phoenixes

Like an efficient army of soldiers,
they cover the land they protect - completely,
the land they serve, is alive
ages of evolution, and yet they still survive.

When the cold air starts to convect
at a moment's notice, they stand erect
trying hopelessely to fend off this enemy
which boldly steals the warmth from under their feet.

The queen of their lands
also the owner of their glands
like the one in Alice
is evil and ungrateful.

They enhance her pleasure by amplifying her tactile sensation
but she only subjects them to condemnation
And for them, the femme
hatches a plan to uproot them from their stem

She floods the plains with hot lava
which sticks to their bodies like a parasite
finally relieving them from their plight
she rips their bodies with a sheet in a single strike

Betrayed, they inflict pain to the one who did them harm
also leaving behind red bumps on her arm.
A few days later the red bumps subside
but the essence of the soldiers still resides.

Like Phoenixes rising from their ashes,
they will once more spring forth from pits
repeatedly showing off their grit
and forcing the Queen out of her wits.


SAL said…
Mosquitoes?? I dint know u were so gud Anur :)!! Nice read indeed...
Anurag Chugh said…
but lelo its not about mosquitoes!!