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abe! sanskar?

Amit Varma's Article To Hell With Family Values
 reminds me of a thought I ones had about KKK soap operas on Indian Television.

Mom discovers medical report which her daughter was hiding from her. Just then daughter  enters the alishaan house. Mom is in designer saree. Daughter in bechari salwaar kameez. Mom confronts her daughter, saps her and shouts, "kahan se muh kaala kar ke aayi hai". Daughter bursts into tears. Mom faces the camera "hey bhagwan kya humne aise sanskaar diye is ladki ko ki aaj hamari naak katwa di!"

I always used to wonder "abe sanskaar diye bhi they kya?"

Khud ke koi sanskar nahin ho toh woh apne bacchon ko kya dega? I think we all need to think before having kids. Of course I am totally unqualified (yet!) to speak on the subject but I think people should spend 1-2 years retraining themselves and modifying their own personality, cultivating discipline into their own lives to prepare themselves to become good parents before they actually produce them. Maybe natural selection extended the gestation period for humans to 9 months so that the offspring's parents have enough time to get into the grove - get serious and responsible for the new life that's about to enter the world and be dependent on them for years to come. But lagta hai humans ka zyaada bheja hone ka disadvantage hai... I think we are prone to "haramkhorgiri" way way too much as compared to wild animals...

AV also links to this poem in his article: This be the Verse - Philip Larkin