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What's that?

Son: Hey dad what's that those people are drinking? Is it making them go mad? they are laughing so much!

Dad: Those drinks they are having have alcohol in them. Alcohol makes people act crazy. Actually it makes them feel as if they are kids again. Like you are now. As people grow up, they forget how to be kids - the playfulness, the innocence, no worries - all that. So they drink alcohol to feel like that again.

Son: How come you and mom never drink that stuff? Is it dangerous? What will happen if I drink some? Will I start feeling like a baby?

Dad: Wow! (Smiling) See you are so curious, all these questions. Maybe as adults we also lose our ability to question question question - those that don't lose that ability, go on to become scientists, and go on to discover great things! do you want to be a scientist when you grow up?

Son: Yes!!

Dad: haha. So the reason your mom and I don't drink is that we haven't forgotten how to be kids

Son: Huh?

Dad: (tickles his kiddo)

Son: hahahahaha ok ok. You are still kids... ok stop stop

Dad: So to answer your question, yes alcohol also has its bad effects. If you drink a lot of it, your senses are dulled and you can't one thing from another. You can concentrate of work or play and you start being mad at everyone and everything. You sleep most of the day and your organs start getting effected. Its like when you are down with fever and you are so irritable and lazy. Imagine being like that everyday.
In small quantities, its ok to drink some. The body can handle it. In fact in cold countries people drink a little bit because it keeps the body warm - releases energy.
Children shouldn't drink alcohol because their bodies are small and are still growing. Alcohol can interfere with proper growth and you might develop some disease when you have grown up.
It doesn't taste so good. So people mix juices and cold drinks in it to make it taste better.
When you are a bit older, you can try some and see if you like it. But make sure you don't get addicted to it. It's dangerous.

Son: Ah! But what if I remember how to be a kid when I grow up, then I wouldn't need alcohol. Like you and mom

Dad: Yes, that's a very good idea. Its always important to have fun. Otherwise life will be boring. But yes you have to be responsible too. People get into a lot of accidents after having a few drinks. Some people who drive cars after drinking end up hurting themselves as well as others. That's why its not legal to drink before driving. You become drowsy and lose your concentration. So even if you ever want to try some, make sure you remember all these things. You can try some on your 18th birthday with mom and me and see how you feel after that!

Son: Nah! I don't think I ever want to have some. How come Neena Aunty and Rahul Uncle don't have alcohol? They don't seem like fun people - I think they have forgotten how to be kids. Don't they want to drink alcohol and be kids again?

Dad: Neena Aunty and Rahul Uncle's think that their God doesn't want them to drink alcohol. So they avoid it.

Son: God told them that? How come God never speaks to me? Does he speak to you and mom? Home come he never visits us?

Dad: God is not a real person. Let me explain. You know how you get scared sometimes - like when you are in trouble or when you want something to happen badly. At those time how do you feel? You start wishing that there was someone who would listen to you and come and help you. When you are young, me and mom try to be there for you whenever such things happen - except for when you break something in the house and mom gets mad hehehe - but think of the time when you grow up and you have to be there for your kids. That means before that you will need to become strong and brave so that you can face any situation when you become scared. You will need to be smart and intelligent to think of ways out of the problem that you are in. But sometimes it is not easy. So what some people do is they talk to God in their minds and that calms them down and makes them feel less scared and then they are able to get enough strength to fight the problem. They think God is the one who created the whole universe with all the planets and plants and animals and even us. They think that if God created us, he would be so powerful that he could hear us from inside our minds and would give us strength if we pray to him sincerely. We have never seen God or talked to him. But some people believe that he must be there.

Son: Do you and mom pray to God?

Dad: Me and mom believe that we all have bravery and strength in us. If we are sincere in everything we do and keep learning to do new things, we will never feel scared. Sometimes some of those things might scare us - remember the first time you went swimming, you were scared and kept crying - you were scared of drowning. But you stopped being fearful and now look at you, you cant go a week without swimming. That day you gave swimming a chance, you were scared but you did try it and slowly you weren't scared any more. So if you keep learning new things, you will never be scared and become stronger each day. Remember the other day you fell down and a dirty rusted nailed poked you and we had to get you tetanus shots - you didn't cry at the doctor's office - you were so brave, you learnt to bear the pain. There will be times in your life when you will need to bear even pain to get to something you like and want badly. That day you must be strong and bear the pain and get to what you want. Like Batman!