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Value Education for Secondary Grade Students

Collection of content resources for use during value education sessions for secondary grader. I used these in my 7th grade class.

  1. What makes me sad?
    1. अज्ञान (ignorance)
    2. अभाव (absence)
    3. अन्याय (injustice)
    4. अफसोस (regret)
    5. असमंजस (dilemma - maybe due to Cognitive Dissonance - refer presentation here)
  2. What stops me from hurting anyone?
    1. Lack of Reason
    2. Conscience/Empathy
    3. Surveillance
    4. Punishment
  3. Growth, Care, Nurture and Love
    Philosophy outlined in M Scott Peck - The Road Less Traveled 
    1. Growth - when a person gains new skills and knowledge and becomes better as compared to what s/he was yesterday
    2. Care - When someone makes provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.
    3. Nurture - When someone facilitates the growth of another person.
    4. Love - Nurturing someone even when it comes at a cost to the nurturer.
    5. Kissanpur - Real Joy Of Togetherness - TVC
  4. Belief versus Faith
    1. Alan Watts on the Difference Between Belief and Faith
    2. Do Scientists Pray? Einstein Answers a Little Girl’s Question about Science vs. Religion
    3. Faith and Belief Are Not the Same
  5. Frugal Innovation (Jugaad) and Perseverance
    1. Panyee Football Club - Short Film
    2. Tubelight ka Chaand - Short Film by Anurag Kashyap
  6. Giving & Paying It Forward
    1. Naik Foundation - TVC
    2. Narayanan Krishnan - To give without a reason - TEDTalk
    3. Unsung Hero - TVC (Thai Life Insurance) (Explain the meaning of "unsung" - no poems written about this warrior)
    4. Share my Dabba - Initiative
    5. The Joy of Giving - Short Film
    6. This Is How A Single Good Deed Can Change The World
    7. Start a Ripple Today - Care and Share Movement
  7. Parents
    1. The Father - Short Film (Explain "Metaphor" to students)
    2. Silence of Love - TVC (Thai Life Insurance)
    3. A Family is Forever - TVC (Bernas group of companies, Malaysia)
    4. Sharman Joshi Speaks The Truth
  8. Friendship
    1. On the eve of Hari Raya (Eid al-Fitr) - TVC (Bernas group of companies, Malaysia)
  9. Child-abuse (good touch / bad touch)
    1. Komal - A film on Child Sexual Abuse  by Childline India
  10. Eve-teasing
    1. Slap - A Short Film
    2. That Day After Everyday - A Short film on eve-teasing by Anurag Kashyap
    3. Stop Eve Teasing - A Short Film
  11. Drug Abuse
    1. Nuggets - Animated video explaining "Addiction"
  12. Women Empowerment
    1. Girl Rising is a global movement for girls' education, based primarily around a 2013 feature film, Girl Rising.
  13. Patriotism and Unity
    1. 'A for Anthem' - A short film by kids impacted by Akansha Foundation explaining the meaning of the Indian national anthem.
    2. Roobaroo - Micromax Unite Anthem (Explain "Face to face with light" as a metaphor)
  14. Leadership
    1. The Tree - TVC Lead India
  15. Dedication and Karma
    1. The Man Who Planted Trees (PDF is here)
  16. Attitudes and Choices
    1. My Shoes - Short Film
    2. Salt 'N' Pepper - Short Film
    3. This is water - Talk by the late David Foster Wallace
  17. Find your Light
    1. Metaphor - Comparing light to knowledge and ignorance to darkness
    2. Knowledge vs. Skills
    3. This little light of mine
  18. Work Ethics
    1. A Mother, A Daughter and A Pineapple - TVC (AIS Thai)
  19. Classroom Behaviour
    1. Class of Rowdies - Short Film
  20. Inclusion
    1. The Lemon Tree - Initiative
  21. United Nations's Millennium Development Goals
    1. How does the United Nations work?
    2. United Nations Explained
    3. United Nations for kids - Episode 1
    4. United Nations for kids - Episode 2
    5. Millennium Development Goals for 2015
    6. Millennium Development Goals - The Lancet
    7. Let's Step Up #MDGMomentum
    8. News on Millennium Development Goals Website
  22. Politics
    1. The Political Spectrum - Left Wing vs Right Wing
    2. Left Wing vs Right Wing - Information is Beautiful
  23. WHO Life Skills
    1. Skills for Health - PDF
    2. CBSE - Life Skills and CCE - PDF
  24. Sustenance and Environment
    1. The Fence by Daniel Quinn
  25. Music Videos
    1. The Script ft. - Hall of Fame
    2. Nimesh 'Nemo' Patel - Being Kind - The Music Video That Circled The World
    3. Lee Ann Womack - I Hope You Dance


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