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Scotch Brite Flat Mop - Microfibre

As far as cleaning goes, there is nothing as good as the lint free swabbing done using microfibre cloths. Get a 7 of these and you can use one everyday of the week for tour your daily cleaning then wash them all together on the weekend in your washing machine.
Make sure that you don't mix generic cotton cloths with the microfibre ones or else the cotton ones would unleash a volley of lint on your unsuspecting microfiber babies and render them as futile as themselves when it comes to swabbing.

A few months ago, Scotch Brite started selling these flat mops made of microfibre cloth. Needless to say, your life becomes easier with these babies. As is common with Indian households, people usually first sweep the floor with a broom and them swab it with wet dusters.
Well if you get your hands on these mops, you can forgo sweeping and directly use these mops to round up all kinds of dust, hair and spilled liquids. Its a dream come true for cleanliness freaks like me.