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Favourite Podcasts September 2020

My favourite podcasts episodes this month talk about Human grit, difficulty of recycling plastics, social movements, a dying religion, the dismal state of Indian Economy/Politics/Media, a killer fungus which has evolved due to climate change and the invention of modern financial systems.

  • The Guardian's Audio Long Reads
    • America's 'untouchables': the silent power of the caste system
      4 Sep 2020  (listen | read)
    • Decolonising dermatology: why black and brown skin need better treatment
      31 Aug 2020 (listen | read)
    • The business of kidnapping: inside the secret world of hostage negotiation
      28 Aug 2020 (listen | read)
    • The last of the Zoroastrians
      24 Aug 2020 (listen | read)
    • The evolution of Extinction Rebellion
      21 Aug 2020 (listen | read)
  • NPR Planet Money
    • The Murderer, The Boy King, And The Invention Of Modern Finance
      4 Sep 2020 (listen)
    • Waste Land
      Recycling plastic has never worked very well. So who convinced us this was a good idea?
      11 Sep 2020 (listen)
    • Sell Me Your Climate Bombs
      People looking for old tanks full of greenhouse effect causing refrigerant gases to earn carbon credits
      25 Sep 2020 (listen)
    • Trump's Tiny Taxes
      Rich people and Taxes. Doesn't matter if you made losses last year or next, no need to file tax.
      30 Sep 2020 (listen)
  • Econ Central - Amit Varma and Vivek Kaul
    • Episode 13: Everyone Has Lost It!
      Our media, our society and our politics have all gone nuts. Amit Varma and Vivek Kaul examine this drift to the extremes in episode 13 of Econ Central.
      10 Sep 2020 (listen)
  • StarTalk
    • StarTalk Podcast: Exploring Grit, with Angela Duckworth & Neil deGrasse Tyson
      27 Aug 2020 (watch)
  • Radiolab
    • Fungus Amungus
      New killer fungus, climate change, why mammals won over reptiles when meteorite killed the dinosaurs, big worry.
      4 Sep 2020 (listen or read)
  • Economist Radio
    • Editor’s Picks: September 21st 2020
      Moving from of fossil fuels to electric and the geopolitics involved during this pandemic, the birth of the Frankenfirm (TikTok, ARM being sold to Nvidia etc), Approved names for children in various countries.