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Atoms in our body


Found the same question that I have been asking people all this while in this post Where do people come from? - Fin Moorhouse :

“Here’s a question: as a great oak tree grows, the material for the tree came from somewhere. And just like how animals eat with their mouths, trees draw up nutrients from the soil. So why doesn’t a 10 ton oak tree form a big crater in the soil where its solid biomass came from? Where did all that tree come from?”

Also from the article:

“or effectively everyone who has ever lived, and even most living adults, your body contains at least one atom that has been part of them,”

“Of course, more likely than the planet somehow finding an extra India+US amount of arable land to farm, a world without fertilisers is just a world with fewer people. On some estimates, perhaps two billion fewer people would be alive today without the Haber process, or at least some way of producing synthetic fertiliser on an industrial scale.”