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There are cycles in our biosphere.. Water Cycle, Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle and then there are theoritical Cycles eg. Born Haber Cycle. Then there are the season... Similarly there are cycles in our socio-economic lives...
Most are chains of cause and effects.. I just realised one of these cycles: I as an engineer am working currently to develop a new product. This is involving one of those field sensors which is used in factories. I am working on creating a generic design (hardware/software) for those. This design could be used to make a field device for measuring any specific physical quantity. I am getting pay me for doing it.
Later on, we expect that an external client/company will give us a contract to design a specific product
using this generic thingy. They will pay our company for it.
They will then mass manufacture this product and market it. Customers will pay for these to use in their own factories which in turn mass manufacture some other product. This is probably an intermediary to be used in making some other product.
The company who makes this other product will pay the company making this intermediary for it. Finally the distributors/shopkeepers will take the final product to the market for consumption. And people like us (Engineers are human too!) will pay for these thereby completing the "money cycle". Come to think of it, the main function is to keep everyone busy.
People get paid for stuff and then they use this money to pay for other stuff. There are many small small money cycles like these and together they forme a larger money cycle. Those who have larger cash flows and larger cash outflow form the richer section of the society. They are the people who are a part of a larger number of these small small money cycles. They therefore can buy and do buy more kinds of "stuff" in to play with. Greed occurs when people want to be lazy. Being Lazy is easy. You dont have to do anything. But to do that you must have large reserve of money. For a large reserve of money you have to work hard and/or cunningly (read illegaly). But i wonder why people do that. Being lazy/greedy isnt being "civilised".

Talking about civilisation.. I rememeber a chapter from my 11th grade book... it was an excrept from a book "The story of Civilization" by C E M Joad. He says that civilization is not about beauiful palaces, bountiful riches etc etc... they make you happy, but after some time you get bored with it. Its neither about being able to buy anything... you cant buy too much of anything.. .. you would get bored this way too..

"Being civilised means making beautiful things, thinking freely and thinking new things, and keeping the rules, without which people couldn't get on together. Grown-ups call the first of these things "Art", the second"science and philosophy" and the third "political justice, and ethics"

I suppose there is nothing civilised about amassing lots of money... you get bored of not working anyway... and empty mind is a devils workshop...

There are some people who are just plain stupid..but still other plain people like them...

Take Shah Rukh Khan for example.. he goes around telling people that Amitabh Bacchan is a great man and no one can match him .. not even SRK himself. Yet he goes around doing things that Amitabh Bacchan did.. SRK is now doing the same advertisements that Amitabh Bacchan did, SRK did a remake of Don and now SRK is going to be on Kau Banega Crorepati.. come on give us a break, why are you making our lives complicated ..............

Let's pretend : The world's oldest game... how to play? simple... pretend to be someone else!!!... its too much simple... its too much fun... The whole film industry is a commercialization of this age old game.. (atleast they haven patented it!!) .... They make money by enticing us to watch them play it... And its so stupid of us to pay them to see something which we can play ourselves...Of course many of use cant do the stundt they can... with help of computers of course..

Anyway.. SRK is pretending to be the Big B... its like a Let's Pretend game within another Let's Pretend Game.. ""Game mein Game Parag Game""