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Some More Assorted stuff...

These were all accumulating up, so today i have decided to write them down here.. before they are lost in the oblivion...

Lonavale Trip

On 9th september, the dude and dudettes of our batch at L & T EmSyS, Mumbai went for a picnic to Lonavale..

The Bushi Dam was all dried up so we climbed up to the waterfalls.. the actual source of water to the dam.. A few minutes uphill walk took us to a small waterfall, where we all cooled off. But it wasnt fun enough so some of us went even higher up to another waterfall. This involved trekking thru virgin land. The whole route was actually a sort of rivulet and it was so much fun making our way up further, higher up to the better tub shaped cavity in the big rock into which the water was flowing. Me, Jithin, Saurabh,Biswadeep,Bhagvath and Joseph were the first ones to get there. Many of the other people why were trying to get there had got bored and had turned back from the half way point. But we kept moving one. And it was worth it. We spent 10-15 minutes there having fun in the cool water and taking pictures. Then we decided to get back as there were other part of our gang woh was waiting in the bus and probably worried about us (read "getting agonized"). But then again while getting back, we came across himani and shweta (shirali) who had came back to look for us, and it was just a matter of a few seconds before they had coaxed us into take them back there again. Its difficult to keep up with squirrel like antics of himani. You cant hold her back. She just hopped here and there and moved up the rocks even before you knew it.

The whole experience was invigorating. Specially since we needed a break for so long. All that trekking with friends actually made me feel good. Those experience wasnt "life threatening" and we never held each other's lives at the end of a line but still it fulfilled my wish of mountain climbing with friends to some extent. So atleast i know which guys do actually like adventure sports...mazaa aayaga tha..

While returning to mumbai, we made a stop at khandala .. some park where there were lots of monkeys... there i was trying to pick up shweta.. and dropped her.. she could have hit her head hard on the railing there.. and it would have been smashed open (himani and other guys caught her in time).. all because of my stupid over confidence.. (ek haath se uthane chala tha....himani ko ek haath se uthaya tha na pehle .. but of course she is halki phulki)... Well aaj tak jo bure marks (exams) ne nahin kiya tha woh dostone kar dikhaya.. they actually cured my over confidence.. (if only to a certain extent).. but what a price to pay.. sheesh.. i could have killed her.. and the stupid girl doesn't even realize it!! bhagwan bachaye logon ko mujh jaise doston se..!!


If you have traveled by mumbai suburban trains then you are likely to have noticed a few things.. there are a lot of things strewn on the railway track.. especially at the stations.. These mostly include footwear.. and all of these are one of the pairs of slippers or chappals which have slipped off the foot of many of unfortunate commuters.. And they are found always in singles .. only one of the pairs... Either because only one of them slid off the foot of the owner or the owner might have thrown it on the track.. having lost the other one at the previous station!!

Then there is the rose line along the track... The red line created by the spit of the paan chewers.. (see MTV's campaign website .. I was wondering many people die by falling off the train... most of those who fall off the train are those standing at the door hanging outside.. and most of these people are paan chewers.. who obviously want to spit out the red when they are thru with it... i say if they don't die by falling off the train, they would surely die because of cancer... so no point feeling bad about them...

Customer Service

It always pays to be loyal.. I have had a hutch (which was formerly "orange" and which in turn was formerly "maxtouch") cell phone connection for past 6-7 years.. right from 11th grade.. and so after 2-3 years of service they activated STD for free without deposit on my fone and now i have got them to activate ISD too and they didnt charge me a thing...

..then there are the HDFC people... the other day i requested a DD and there was they misspelt the name of the beneficiary... some error due to incompatibility of netbanking with the firefox browser...and even though i used my moms account to conduct the transaction, they fixed the DD without her being there just because the lady there knew our family well.. Thats what you call Personal Banking!!!

Mumbai Radio Station and Autorickshaw Drivers

I had an idea the other day... we all have heard the song "yeah mumbai shahar haadson ka shahar hai, yahan zindagi hadsoon ka safar hai, yahan roz roz har mod mod pe hota hai koi na koi hadsa.."
Our city really lives up to it:road accidents, train blasts, bus blasts, floods etc etc...
And then there are road jams.. and during the road jams, the people stuck in there could actually use some real information about their city.. the information of the kind that isn't available thru newspapers or TV or timetable or poster.. but thru word of mouth.. and what best way to get it other then from the people who traverse the length and breadth of the city everyday: the BEST bus drivers and the Autorickshaw drivers..
The FM radio stations of mumbai are really sad, the RJs call up dumb people who aren't entertaining enough and usually don't know what to say. Its actually not their problem, because common people seldom see much action every day. But it would be really great if these stations could give a few Auto drivers and BEST bus drivers cellphones. Auto drivers normally are mast people and these dudes usually just stick to a particular area of mumbai. A few drivers in each particular areas could be given cellphones. The Radio station could call them up once anytime during the day and ask them for the latest updates from their area. This would really be better as the drivers would actually give eye witness accounts of the various "hadse" in mumbai. Same is true for the BEST bus drivers/conductors. They ply on the same route again and again everyday and have information of all incidents happening on those routes. Actually many of the incidents/hadse happen in the BEST buses themselves....

Clinical Compromise

Many people are really lazy when it comes to taking medicine. Its really shame that so much time, effort and money spent on medical research goes to waste because of these people. But more than the time, effort and money, its the lives of the fellow humans that these people put at risk by not taking medicines on time or by leaving the recommended medical course incomplete.

Whenever we visit the doctor to course some microbial sickness, he/she prescribes us certain medicines to be ingested at particular times during the day for a particular number of days to ensure that the microbes causing the disease are completely eliminated. Many people leave the course half way and stop taking the medicine. They think that since they are already cured, they don't need to take the medicines anymore. But this is a very wrong perception. Usually even when the symptoms are gone, some amount of microbes still remain in our body. Taking those medicine for a bit longer time even after we seem to have been cured ensures that even those left over microbes are killed and the disease is completely gone. If we miss out on the final doses, it may happen that the remaining microbes might mutate and become resistant to the medicine. If this happens, the person might fall sick again and this time the medicines wont work on the new resistant strain anymore. In fact if this guy passes on his disease to any other person, he too will get sick and the medicines will have no effect on him either. This is called clinical compromise. So by not taking the medicines properly as per doctors recommendations, we are not only putting our lives in danger but also those of our fellow men and women. We have absolutely no right to do so, therefore we must act responsibly and take our medicines properly, on time and completely.