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Blood transfusion and DNA

So with all the esoinophilia causing much ache and lethargy, i was free to let my thoughts wander .. since those were the only things which could get to wander... couldnt get of the bed or couch for long, so no chance of letting the body itself wander...

so back to wandering.. (and wandering led me to think of blogging..)

I was thinking.. having donated blood 4 times, what would happen if some one was to accept a transfusion of someone else's blood..

would that person live on forever with two (or more) different types of blood cells?
because both the blood cells will have different DNA and they will obviously replicate.. and hence both.. the original and donor's DNA maybe present in the blood stream of the patients..

Or maybe since the patient has more of his own Blood Cells of his own DNA, they would probably replicate more and much faster and the blood cells of the other DNA might get phased out..

Anyway, before i could wander further on that one, google led me to the answer on the first hit:

Can Getting a Blood Transfusion Change my DNA?