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The essence of life and information

waaaonn waaaonn waaaonn
I revolve around a nucleus, until..
A photon hits me, absorbing into me, knocking me out of my orbit..
I zoom through the crystal lattice, accelerating around kernels, then suddenly...
I hit one kernel smack in the middle, it captures me and makes me loose my photon.

The photon hitches a ride parasitically from electron to electron
until it reaches its destination - having carried a piece of information to its destination.

These engineers, I tell you, they revere us electrons.
They service our whims and fancies, manipulating us into doing work for them.

The Electrical ones make us merry-go-round around wires extracting mechanical work from our forced sojourns

The Radio Engineers make us go back and forth on antennas, causing us to emit photons
which absorb into our counterparts in other antennas causing them to monkey us.
They say that this monkeying is what carries information - frankly we fail to see this.

Electronic engineers are sadistic enough to transport information by attaching and detaching photons to us.

Fibre Optic engineers on the other hand have given up on us altogether.
They create special pipes of light to carry photons. They say "who needs electrons, when we can manipulate photons directly"

Puny humans. Little do they realise, we are the cause of their existence - the source of the essence that permeates their neural networks.

And when their time comes, we de-excite and fall back into our nuclear orbits, flooding them with a last splurge of light as we drown out their essence.