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An Ode to Hydrogen Bond

You are the great sculpturer, of sculptures and sculpting tools alike.
Creator of furniture that holds in place all the micro-components of life.

Holding the rungs of the spherical twisting ladder,
the rungs whose sequence uniquely defines each of us.

Folding on themselves like origami, under your influence, 
wandering chains of amino acids turn into enzymes -
becoming tools that take apart, copy and mend our chemical ladders repeatedly.

To build our bodies, 
secret instructions on the rungs are read and deciphered and followed,
by miniature automatons, which owe their existence to you.

You are the magic behind the most magical liquid - water

Without you, the fibres of our clothes and our bodies would fall apart
O holy hydrogen bond, I bow fold to thee.


Pragya Sidhwani said…
Lol. I like the "Holding the rungs.." line. This poem is meant for a Biochemist (ie. me)
Anonymous said…
awesome!! i love the cancelled bow replaced by fold :D