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el lamington road kaminos!

ADSL Splitters Gallery.........

This is what you get with your ADSL Router when you subscribe to MTNL Triband:

This is what you get for 225 rupees from a supposedly "trustworthy" shop in Lamington Road (we bought Deepti G's computer from this shop!! and thats working pretty fine... although her monitor was a wee bit off.. but we got it fixed for freeeeeeeee)... bloody piece of shit this splitter turned out to be.. wasted 225 rupees.. that to from my first salary... One measly inductor and one capacitor... WTF is this world coming too??.. I hope the guys who sell such stuff get Gonorrhea or Syphilis :

This is what you get for 110 rupees... sexy chinese stuff.. works better than the black box which you get from MTNL. Got this one from Lamington Road too. From a shop which specialized in telephone components. When in Lamington Road, its pretty hard to figure out whom to trust and whom not to!

Oh and why do we need a splitter?:
(following taken from

What is a splitter?

Everybody uses splitters on their telephone lines. If you want to connect up more than one telephone into the same socket, the chances are you're using a splitter. When you're connected via ADSL, you need a special type of splitter which contains a micro-filter.

Why do we need a micro-filter?

There are two reasons why they're required. The first is to stop the ADSL signal interfering with the voice part of your phone line - this sounds a bit like 'fast clicks' when it happens. The second reason is to ensure that the ADSL line is terminated correctly. Without becoming too technical, an unmatched termination can cause reflections back down the line. This is a bad thing and can cause errors on your ADSL connection. The above graph shows the frequency range that your phone (POTS) and ADSL occupy. Don't worry if you don't understand because it's not all that important to the end user.

for a bit deeper info see...